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Feasibility Study... yeah...

Okay, I'm currently conducting a study concerning the feasibility of a LAN @ my house on ~ August 10th (Saturday). Not exactly sure if I can get it together completely (read: there could be problems beyond my control, including but not limited to hell-spawned demons, Acts of God, or my little brothers) What I'm wonderin is if anyone could make it and what could y'all bring? It would most likely be from ~11:00am until around midnight. It is unfortunate but I lack the infrastructure to support people sleeping over (unless a lot of prior arrangements are made) so < cough > ZACH < cough > we'll have to do some making do (I heart bad sentence construction.) Anyway, if we're going to pull this off, here's a list of what is neccessary:

AT LEAST a 3:2 Person/Computer ratio (I can support some people watching movies and/or playing Gamecube/PS 2)

Hubs Hubs Hubs! Please people bring hubs! I don't care how small, just HUBS(Okay, 1 port hubs are kinda worthless)! (Matt should be back in town by then so we might have his monster hub)

BYOPC -- Bring your own Patch Cable. I'm completely friggin out. (You can bring spare for other peeps too :) )

Bring some chips or something -- I don't get paid until the ~Monday after the LAN (and the check doesn't usually make it by then) so I'm quite poor right now. If you could donate some snacks (or even cash - we can make Kroger Runs if neccessary) that would be super. I'll probably have some soda on ice already but no guarentees. :)

Tables! Bring a table or you will almost definately be sitting on the floor (unless someone shares :) )

Console Games -- My library of GCube/PS 2 games is kinda small. Tell me what games you'd like to see and we'll see what we can hook up. I also lack controllers for GC and the PS2 multitap. If soemone brings an XBox and stuff we can set that up too.

CD-Rs -- Don't expect me (or anyone else) to give you CD-Rs; make an effort to bring your own please :(

If I forgot something, I'll make an addendum comment, but do remember that as of yet, this is still pretty tentative. Anyhoo, leave a comment here or drop me a line @ my school e-mail if you can attend and what you could bring. I want to get as much worked out before hand as possible :) I'll post an update as soon as possible regarding the status, but hopefully I can get a LAN set up. I feel a need, ya understand? :)


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